January 18, 2024

They follow 3 different clubs, yet they are united by the same passion!

Football is more than a game, it is a passion that transcends borders, cultures and the colors of jerseys. This truth is found in the stories of three hardcore fans, each fervently supporting AS Monaco, Real Betis, and Parma Calcio. Despite their differences, their love for football unites them deeply, as evidenced by their emotions during the last match they were able to attend thanks to the Fanzclub.

A memorable evening in Monaco
Nicolas, a loyal supporter of AS Monaco from Switzerland, was able to surprise his children by bringing them to Stade Louis-II during the match against Stade de Reims. He tells us with emotion his debut alongside the whites and reds: “It was great because I live in Switzerland but I am a fan of AS Monaco because my uncle lives in the region and made me discover the club during the match against Nantes in 2000… we had lost 5-2...but since then I’ve been a fan and passed it on to my kids. We had already seen games against Lorient last season and against OM this season”. Despite the 3-1 defeat to Reims, Nicolas was able to enjoy a warm weekend at the Stade Louis II with his children who will keep an unforgettable memory.

The Andalusian passion at Real Bétis

More in southern Europe, in Seville, Rosalia also attends the meeting of the 20th day of her team of heart. A fan of Real Betis, she describes the atmosphere at the Benito Villamarín stadium as «magical and intoxicating». "Every game is a celebration of our identity," she says. "When Real Betis plays, a whole community vibrates. The songs, the colors, the fraternity... all this creates a unique atmosphere. The Verdi Blancos match against Granada allowed all the fans to create an electric and indescribable atmosphere that defines the Betis community.”

Strong emotions in Parma

During the same weekend, further east, north of Italy. More precisely in Parma, Elena, a devoted supporter of Parma Calcio 1913, also experiences emotions when she arrives near the stadium.. «The Stadio Ennio Tardini is for us, our temple,» she explains. The arrival in the stadium announces the beginning of hostilities and it is the or all the excitement takes over the rest of the thoughts. The referee’s whistle to start the match now attracts the attention of all spectators united to encourage the fruit of their passion. The whole stadium is one to join the team and serve as a force to win the match.

These stories highlight the unifying power of football. Whether in Monaco, Seville or Parma, the emotions of the fans during the matches are a vibrant testimony of their unwavering love for their club. Regardless of distance or differences, their passion for football remains the same, a common thread that binds them in a spirit of camaraderie and brotherhood. It is an honor for the Fanzclub to be able to take the Fans to the most prestigious place to support his club and experience the emotions that his team manages to produce.

By joining Fanzclub, these fans and many others can share their experiences, their emotions and love for football, proving that despite the support of different teams, they are united by the same passion. Join the community and live unforgettable moments, rooted in the love of football.

Get closer to your club

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