Join the Fanzclub and transform your fan experience!

The Fanzclub is your gateway to a unique and exciting fan experience. It's more than just a club; it's a revolution in the way you interact with and support your team.
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Discover Fanzclub's Unique Advantages
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Engage & Earn
Join Fanzclub: Elevate your fan journey with real-time interactions  and earn exclusive rewards for your loyal support
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Global Access
Wherever you are in the world, Fanzclub allows you to support and interact with your club, gathering a global community
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Secured account
Easy and safe account access combined with a seamless user experience to secure and display your exclusive fan collection.
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Authentic products
Official, limited-edition items. Authenticity and exclusivity combined. Secure your unique club's collectibles now.
The Lootbox
Exclusive rewards
Dive into the Fanzclub and unlock your free Lootbox. Inside, you'll discover a unique gift called the Capsule. Its rarity not only determines its value, but also opens the door to special prize draws.
United in Passion
With each Lootbox, you're not just getting a reward. You're joining a global community of enthusiasts for your club, sharing exclusive experiences and celebrating your shared passion.
Your Key to Exclusive Rewards
Fanzclub is the key to unparalleled fan journeys. Engage in unique quests and social activities to unlock exclusive experiences.
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Engage in Quests and earn XP
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Clim the leaderboard and win prizes
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Enjoy exclusive perks and rewards
XP Capsules
XP Capsules let you dive into the unique universe of your club with three distinct capsule rarities:
VIP XP Capsule
Be among the luckiest fans! This rare capsule grants access to all the draws, including those offering VIP experiences such as meetings with players and access to VIP lounges during matches.
Premium XP Capsule
Step it up a notch! This capsule allows participation in regular and premium draws, notably offering worn and signed jerseys.
Basic XP Capsule
Join the adventure! The most common capsule, it provides participation in weekly draws for match tickets, virtual items, and occasionally, VIP experiences or signed jerseys.
Collect club's items
Immerse yourself in a virtual fashion universe where every outfit is a declaration of love for your club. Make your avatar a unique representation of your passion, with merchandise specially designed for the most dedicated fans.
Customize, Collect, and Climb the Ranks:
Beyond aesthetics, your collection reflects your dedication as a supporter. Every item you add is a mark of your progression. Whether it's a reward or a purchase, each piece can boost your experience and elevate you in the fan ranking.
Fan Identity: Official Avatars
Craft your unique avatar in your digital locker room. These avatars, representing your loyalty to the club, are randomly generated and can evolve over time.
Each season, outfits are updated to match new jerseys. Plus, collect exclusive virtual wearables for an even more distinctive touch.
Get XP
As an Avatarz owner, not only can you customize with style, but also rank up with every addition. Rewards or purchases, every wearable helps you gain XP and better your fan standing.
The Fanzone
An interactive 3D universe where your passion knows no bounds
Mingle with other fans, discover official merchandise, and dive into mini-games. Enjoy exclusive content and participate in special events throughout the year.Show off your identity with pride - your unique avatar adorned with virtual jerseys, scarves, accessories, and so much more. The Fanzone isn't just a place; it's where your fan heart beats.

Fanzclub's blog

Learn more about fanzclub's news and updates, experiences, advantages, and read some of our members testimonials on exclusive experiences they lived thanks to the Fanzclub

Get closer to your club

Delve into the heart of FanzClub, where each tier pulls you closer to the core of unmatched fan experiences. From behind-the-scenes access to unique events, get closer than ever to your favorite club and immerse yourself in every thrilling moment.
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