The Fanzclub

Elevate your fan journey with exclusive experiences, collectibles, and much more...
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Be part of the club

The Fanzclub is here to bring you  unforgettable fan experiences.
Join your club's exclusive membership
It’s a one-of-a-kind fan experience that brings you closer to your beloved club than ever before
Get your Fan Avatar
Create an official digital fan identity representing yourself in the Fanzclub.
Collect Wearables
Make your avatars stand out with exclusive official wearables.
Dive into Exclusive Privileges
Unlock unparalleled moments with Fanzclub! Gain access to VIP matchday experiences, meet your football heroes, secure signed jerseys, embark on behind-the-scenes stadium tours, and claim exclusive digital collectibles. Dive into a world where every fan's dream becomes a reality!
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Experience the Fanzones
Immerse yourself in a virtual space crafted for devoted fans. Engage with your beloved players, witness matches in an unparalleled way, and uncover unique merchandise.
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Create Your Fan Identity with Official Avatars
Step into the dressing room and craft your unique digital self. With avatars symbolizing your digital identity, adorn them with exclusive wearables and acessories, reflecting your passion and loyalty to the club.

Get Your Capsule

Use your XP Capsule to access exclusive content, event access and exclusive merch.
Basic XP Capsule
Your entry pass for innovative experiences throughout the season
  • Generate a basic Official Avatar
  • Up to 3 virtual accessories
  • Fanzclub username / .fanzclub
  • Basic Fanzone Access
  • Access to all Basic
    Experiences & Draws
Premium XP Capsule
The next level of Fan exclusives experiences. Join a world of rewards
  • Generate a Premiim Official Avatar
  • Each month, one limited edition collectible (wearable, accessory)
  • Customizable Locker Room
  • Your club's fan domain name
  • Premium Fanzone Access
  • One 1:1 customized virtual jersey
  • Access to all Premium
    Experiences & Draws
VIP XP Capsule
Be one of the fans living an unlimited VIP experience throughout the season
  • Generate a VIP Official Avatar
  • 1 Signed Jersey of your favorite player & Official Digital Twin 
  • Unique Official Virtual Jersey with custom print
  • Each week, one limited edition collectible (wearable, accessory)
  • Premium club fan domain name
  • VIP Fanzone Access
  • Access to All VIP and other experiences and draws
  • Fanzclub All-Access Card

Fanzclub's blog

Learn more about fanzclub's news and updates, experiences, advantages, and read some of our members testimonials on exclusive experiences they lived thanks to the fanzclub

Get closer to your club

Delve into the heart of FanzClub, where each tier pulls you closer to the core of unmatched fan experiences. From behind-the-scenes access to unique events, get closer than ever to your favorite club and immerse yourself in every thrilling moment.
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