October 27, 2023

Behind the scenes with Lucas and Tommaso: A Fanzclub VIP Day to Remember

Let’s follow the experience of two Parma Calcio fans in the Ennio-Tardini stadium. Punctuated by emotions and feeling from the pitch to the VIP lounge.

Lucas and Tomasso, two Parma Calcio enthusiasts, enjoyed winning a VIP experience through Fanzclub during the confrontation against Como.

How did you discover Fanzclub?

Lucas: "The first time I saw Fanzclub was on Instagram."

Tomasso: "Through a repost on Parma Calcio's Instagram profile."

How did you win the VIP experience with Fanzclub?

Lucas: "From a story on Fanzclub's Instagram page, I followed the link to the contest, entered my email, and on the day of the match, I was notified that I had been selected and had won tickets."

Tomasso: "The Instagram profile of Parma Calcio shared a Fanzclub story where they asked for email entries to participate in a draw for 4 match tickets for Parma. So, I entered my email and was fortunate enough to be selected."

What emotions did you experience during the game?

Lucas: "It was the best game ever! Free tickets, a game won, celebrating with friends, and experiencing the VIP Lounge for the first time."

Tomasso: "The emotions were immediately overwhelming. Being so close to the field made us feel almost a part of the game, and the adrenaline was high. Fortunately, Parma won, which brought joy and satisfaction to us fans."

How was your experience in the VIP Lounge?

Lucas: "Magnificent! It's the perfect location to watch the game, with food and drink available all evening, and TVs to review the highlights."

Tomasso: "The experience was undoubtedly the best in terms of live games. Being close to the field lets you experience the game in an entirely different way; it feels like you're almost playing alongside the players. The hospitality from the hostesses was also exceptional; they catered to our every need. We'd love to do it again."

What are your thoughts on the Fanzclub initiative?

Lucas: "I hope they repeat it soon; I want another chance to win!"

Tomasso: "I think it's a fantastic initiative. It allows fans to experience the game in a totally different way. It also makes fans feel valued by Parma Calcio. It shows that the club and its sponsors care about their fans, offering them unique experiences."

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